The LEDBLADE system was developed by Hungary’s leading visual technology service provider  Visualpower Ltd.  based on their 20+ years of professional experience and the needs of our clients, but how it all began, well that’s a funny story!
Back in early 2014 one of our sales manager in Visualpower Ltd., had a presentation to his client, for their upcoming annual event, where the client was asking of something they haven’t seen before (of course) on their previous events. So, a completely new design was created, full of projection, LED screens all over the place, and here comes the twist, all this was placed in a semi-industrial Layher Scaffolding system, where every horizontal and vertical part of the structure was “highlighted” by a led stripe that was able to be a part of the whole video content. Our client, the agency, was crazy about this idea, and as you can imagine, the end client said, OK this is something new, we’d like to have it, let’s do it that way.
At that point we realised that we had about 6-7 months to get a solution for something that has been sold. Than the whole developing of this product started, and step by step we have reached the shape and knowledge what the client said.