De Effenaar gevuld met Fusion EXO Beam

For the 50 year aniversary of De Effenaar Eindhoven, Light designer Erik Steijvers wanted to plan something unique. He already had the opportunity to work with the GLP Fusion Exo Beam 10 fixtures, and reached out to Peter van Nierop from Five Axis Pro for a variety of fixtures including GLP’s Exo Beam 10’s. Peter van Nierop: “The GLP Fusion Exo Beam 10 is an incredible fixture. It amazes every client, and in my opinion will be the most wanted IP65 fixture in a few years. The fixtures have the well known GLP build quality, and are the best value-for-money fixtures at the moment. Even in a venue like De Effenaar, they easily exceed the light output of lot’s of other high quality movingheads”.